Quarter Steer – Beef Package ($300 Deposit)


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1/4 Beef Package

Each steer will vary in weight, and vary in leanness which determines the number of steaks, size of roasts, and how much ground beef each steer will yield, therefore, it is impossible to list the “actual” amount in any particular cut in a ¼ Beef Package.

2 steaks per package, (occasionally there is an extra steak that will be packaged individually.) Steaks in our 1/4 Beef Package will be cut 1.25 inches thick. You can choose between a Rib Roast (prime rib roast) OR 4 to 5 Rib-Eye Steaks. Let us know if you want the Liver or to use part of your ground beef for sausagesCurrent price: $9.95 per pound, you’ll receive APPROXIMATLY 100 to 115 pounds, with all cuts individually packed and labeled. Your final cost will be determined once we package and weigh your beef prior to arranging delivery or pick up. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.


1/4 Beef Package

1 Porterhouse Steaks
2 T-Bone Steaks
1 Tenderloin Steaks
1 Cross Rib Roast
2-3 Chuck Roasts (2-4 lbs each)
1 Rib Roast: This is your Prime Rib (4-5 lbs) OR CHOOSE: 4 to 5 Rib-Eye Steaks (my favorite)
2 Sirloin Tip Roast
4 to 5 Sirloin Steaks
Kabob Chunks and Fajita Strips cut from the round (2 to 3 packages of each about 1.5 lbs each)
1 London Broil
1 Brisket (3-4 lbs)
Short Ribs (about 8 lbs)
Stew Meat (3-4 lbs)
Neck Bones (2-3 lbs)
Cross Cut Shanks (4 to 5 lbs)
Ground Beef (30-40 lbs) *Use part of your ground beef for sausage (optional). More info here
Liver is optional (3 lbs)