There is a difference in beef cattle that are raised on pasture vs. open range, and what they eat certainly determines the taste of the beef. Our beef is superb in taste and tenderness, and the natural marbling in the meat is incredible. One of the other contributing factors to the good taste of our beef is the quality of the beef fat, our cattle’s fat is white not yellow like most grass-fed beef. Our purebred Angus cattle are a “closed herd”, so there are no open range or stockyard animals, we never use pesticides or herbicides on our pastures, and because our cows are pasture raised (100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished), there is no infections or any gut inflammation due to grain feeding, therefore, our beef is antibiotic free. No Hormones, No steroids, all pure natural beef. Compare for yourself and try a steak or two. We guarantee you’ll be happy.


It’s important to know that grass-fed is not the same as organic. Naturalization food stores often sell organic beef that is hormone- and antibiotic-free. While this beef may come from animals who most likely were fed less grain than the industry norm, they typically still spent their last months in feedlots where they were fed grain. Even when the grain is raised organically, feeding grain to a ruminant animal such as a cow, compromises the nutritional value of the beef. To break down grain, cows must develop other enzymes, one of them is E-Coli, and everyone knows that isn’t good.

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We ranch and farm with respect for the earth and all its creatures. We use regenerative and holistic methods to enrich our soil in order to grow healthy, nutritious food for our animals and ourselves. PureLifeBeef, a higher standard than organic.   

Tres Hermanas Ranch


Our ranch has a long, splendid history… Established in 1894, the ranch still benefits from the rich abundant water that is supplied by Page Springs fed Oak Creek. The ranch is so beautiful it is often referred to as the “Emerald of Cornville.”

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